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Testimonials from my clients as posted on Yelp and

Barry was my trainer for two months prior to his move to California. I came to him with a weak back and an aggravated rotator cuff. Barry had me rehabilitated and working out vigorously within our first four weeks of training. I could not have been more pleased with Barry’s commitment to my training. He is a dedicated, well educated, and highly competent trainer. Barry exceeds expectations on every level and delivers beyond your “contracted” time with personal communication, nutritional advice and a genuine interest in your well being and progress. Moreover, I really enjoyed his company. We worked hard and laughed a lot. I also highly recommend his boxing training course. Fantastic aerobic workout combined with speed, agility, and eye hand coordination skill building. Not to mention you get to punch the trainer really hard! I give Barry my highest recommendation 

Dave Ettinger

Sarasota, FL


I have had a lot of trainers in my time. Barry is on top of the list. He is a great trainer.

Joan Breiner

Sarasota, FL


Barry was a great trainer. His directions were very coordinated, his stretching was outstanding. I only wish I could find a trainer as qualified as Barry.

Joe Mendola

Sarasota, FL


Barry Bassin is among the very best trainers in Sarasota. His ability to help you determine your goals, strengths and limitations is invaluable. He will design the best training approach for you and work with you every step of the way until you have reached the results you want. Modifying your plan along the way as needed. As a former professional athlete Barry brings expertise and experience that others do not posses. I see other trainers and I know other trainers but Barry brings the whole package as well as being a terrific person.

Mike Metz

Sarasota, FL


Let us say from the outset that Barry Bassin is an amazing personal trainer. We worked with him multiple times per week for four weeks, and grew a lot physically and in our understanding of exercise because of our time with him.

Barry is extremely experienced and personal training comes naturally to him. We really liked that Barry took the time to lay a strong foundation for us, instead of rushing us; because he was concerned about safety, we began with low weights and simpler exercises to condition our bodies. With each exercise, he provided a thorough explanation of why we were doing the exercise, the correct form with which to perform the exercise, and how the exercise advanced us toward our goals. He even corrected misconceptions we had from working out with friends in college. Even though it sounds basic, laying this foundation enabled us to progress a lot without experiencing the bodily damage (e.g. extreme soreness and sometimes pain) that we used to experience from working out too hard before we were ready. Later, we were amazed at how much we were able to do because of the strong foundation we laid. As we progressed, Barry gave us more independence and guided us from a distance so that we could work out by ourselves in the future. Everything Barry did seemed to come to him naturally, probably because of his extensive knowledge and experience!

While Barry was incredibly professional, he was also warm and encouraging--we felt very safe around him. Throughout each session, Barry was very pleasant to work with and easy to get along with. When we struggled with certain exercises, Barry pushed us to continue as long as we could maintain proper form, but did so in a way that encouraged us rather than discouraged us. He helped us when necessary and made light-hearted and humorous comments when appropriate. Barry's warm personality made us comfortable in the gym even though we weren't really "gym people" previously.

It is difficult to think of what could have improved our experience with Barry. We simply loved working with him and are so impressed by him. If there is one thing, perhaps we could have begun our gradual release to independence slightly earlier. Even so, Barry did an amazing job with us, and we are now able to independently exercise with a strong foundation underneath us! When we start to "plateau," we plan on contacting him to further challenge us.

Christine & Jason Batten

Long Beach, CA


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