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Functional Aging

FAI-Certified Functional Aging Specialist

Functional aging is about your body being able to do all those things that you used to do before but can't do now. 

Example: Come to the gym and do leg presses on a leg press machine for 12 weeks and your legs will become stronger. That's good.

Now, take a vacation that includes walking hills in Tuscany. Your strong legs will fatigue just as quickly as if you never did leg presses. That's not good.

Not going to Tuscany this year? But you will be climbing stairs, right? How about standing up from a seated position? 

So, what's that about? Your legs have become exercise-strong but you haven't improved your legpower. 

As we age, we lose lower-body strength more than upper-body strength, and we lose muscle power more than muscle strength. Strength is about how much resistance we can move. Power is about how well you can use that strength. Use = function; function = use.

But, function isn't just about walking hills. It's about using strength to accomplish tasks that are more involved than simply pushing or pulling something that requires strength. It's about functional strength.

And, it's about training to overcome balance deficits, and it's about preserving your independence to actively engage in activities of daily living (ADL), as well as recreational activities that contribute to quality of life.

As a functional aging specialist, I can combine aspects of each of my certified competencies to help you achieve a truly fit and functional you.

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